Kartavi Shah

2 min readMay 11, 2021

Chemical Engineer
Article written by Kylie Cameron


Kartavi is a Chemical Engineer based in California. Along with her job she also has a successful Instagram account called @itskartavi where she hosts Q&A’s and posts informative reels. She also has a YouTube channel where she posts LinkedIn tips, leadership tips, and lifestyle content. In her free time, Kartavi enjoys painting, occasionally trying new recipes, and being around her friends and family. She told us that she loves her career in STEAM because “it gives [her] so many opportunities to grow professionally and personally, while being able to solve problems that we face.”

High School📚

In high school, Kartavi was unsure of what she wanted her future career to be so, she decided to go with the flow. She served as a secretary and historian of the French club. She was closely involved with the National Honors Society. She also enjoyed volunteering and did so at her local library and hospital.


In college, Kartavi kept herself very busy and was heavily involved in various activities. She served as a Vice President for a non-profit organization and as a Director of Public Relations for AICHE (American Institute of Chemical Engineers). She became a mentor for other students and was a research assistant for an engineering research lab.

Kartavi told us that her favorite class she took in college was Organic Chemistry! “Though not many people will agree with me, the class is actually quite enjoyable if you like problem solving. After convincing myself that [Organic Chemistry] is more of a puzzle to solve rather than just memorization, I found myself looking forward to going to class.”

She also told us that the toughest class she took had to be Thermodynamics. “This one class was the only course that would make you study for days and still feel as though you knew nothing. This was mainly because the concepts of thermodynamics are different than what we are used to taking; I’m glad I don’t have to take that again!”

One piece of advice that she would like to pass on to future students would be “to learn time management and prioritization early! It will save you so much time and stress when you get to the advanced classes!” You can learn more about time management by visiting her Instagram and watching her reels!




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