Rim Bozo

3 min readSep 22, 2021


Neuroscience Pre-Med Student @ Dartmouth College

Instagram: @okayimrim

Written by: Raquel Paz Bergia

Introduction 📖

Rim Bozo is a Neuroscience student at Dartmouth College on the Pre-Med track. As an honor student, Rim has earned prestigious awards and recognition that have led to her acceptance into a top college. She loves being part of STEAM because of her important role as a #girlboss.

This article will provide insight to Rim’s high school experience, challenges she has faced, obstacles she’s been able to tackle, and more.

Rim’s High School Experience 🎓

During Rim’s interview, she mentioned that she was part of 9 extracurricular activities throughout high school. These include being the Founder and President of Tutors for Mighty Minds, the Vice President of United Nations Children’s Fund, and the Founder and President of a Red Cross Chapter.

Moreover, she was incredibly impacted by her 9th grade biology teacher, who, as said by Rim, “exposed [her] to so many opportunities at such a young age that [she] became enchanted with science and biology.” The positive influence of this teacher allowed her to consider the idea of pursuing a career in STEM.

Rim also mentioned her favorite classes throughout high school being AP English Language and AP English Literature. These two classes provided her with extensive knowledge, allowing her to improve her writing skills when writing personal statements, college essays, and more. She recommends all high school students take these classes because they will only benefit you, no matter what career path you go into.

Rim’s Experience as a Neuroscience Research Intern at MIT 🧠

Rim is a rising Freshman at Dartmouth College. This summer she wanted to get a head start into her Neuroscience career and she began an internship at the Heiman Lab at MIT. There, she studies the transgene model of Parkinson’s Disease. She aims to develop this transgene model. Moreover, she believes that this has been her favorite project so far because it is very fun and challenging enough for her.

Her motivation to go into the lab every day is the research project she has been working on. She loves the work she has been doing and she loves the community that surrounds her.

Note of Advice from Rim 👩‍🔬

Rim states, “[She] would have wished that [she] knew how amazing and influential the work is in this field. The neuroscience department, especially the one that is pertaining to Parkinson, is such a close knit committee of some of the smartest minds, all working towards the same goal.”

She believes that working surrounded by people in STEAM is amazing because of how curious everyone is. Every day an individual is closer to developing changes that will positively impact the lives of those that need help.

Maintaining a balance between work and personal life is hard. However, it is crucial, not only for your success at a lab, but also for your mental health. It is important to respect your mental health and free time just as much as your work time.

Other Research by Rim 🧫

Rim successfully led a project about the heterogeneity of acute kidney rejection. She began this project in 2020 to help understand transplant plans to reduce the chances of suppressing a healthy organ from immune system attacks. Her research was incredible and she was requested to submit it to the Davidson Fellowship to further her research.

Conclusion 🦠

Rim Bozo is an extraordinary rising Freshman at Dartmouth College, pursuing Neuroscience. Throughout high school, she was an active member at her school and her community. She is currently working as an intern at the Heiman Lab at MIT. There, she is challenging herself by studying the transgene model of Parkinson’s Disease. Rim is a future medical leader and is actively leading impactful projects.




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